Viral Vids: #29 Appropriate Viral Videos for Youth Ministry

Use these viral videos that are totally appropriate for your youth ministry! We go through the heartache of searching through videos and tossing out all the ones that are ruined because of one foul word! Use the time we freed up and spend it with your students!!!


Can you trust your eyes? A grey object lesson on perception!


This is the most awesome baby goat I’ve ever seen.


Ever misread a situation?


Freestyle road bike video that would make a sweet countdown.


The Belly Button Video. These two are Christian guys, and totally awesome.


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is 27 years old and a native of Vero Beach, FL. Currently residing in Houston, TX, where he serves as the Youth Pastor at Houston First Church of the Nazarene. He is a passionate Christian, passionate husband, passionate about helping young people develop a relationship & grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus, and a lover of all things wild and adventurous. Geocaching, bodysurfing, and website design are a few of his favorite pastimes.

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